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Transfer Carriage System


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Product Description:
The hydraulically powered Transfer Carriage System is designed to facilitate the transfer of fruit cages from one line to another.



  • Safe and ease of operation.
  • Shorter carriage transfer time with lower labour requirements compared to conventional methods.


Dual Speed Movement
The transfer carriages move with high and low speeds; ensuring high speed travel to a predetermined destination and automatic slow down to ensure final and precise lane positioning.

Hydraulic Leakage Detector
The hydraulic power pack is equipped with a leakage detector to detect the level of hydraulic fluid in the power pack and to monitor over flow. Alarms will sound when sudden leakage or progressive leakage and/or an overflow of hydraulic fluid is detected.

Spiral Rotary Locking Mechanism
The spiral rotary locking system ensures accurate alignment of the transfer carriage with the transfer carriage latching mechanism.

Sequence Interlocking System
The transfer carriage operation interlocks with upstream and downstream processes to prevent unsafe operation.

Redundancy System
The transfer carriage is integrated with a redundancy system override for switching to manual operations as a backup, in the event of electronic malfunction. This further ensures the reliability and up-time of the system.