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Hydraulic Twin Drive Conveyor


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Product Description:

The Hydraulic Twin Drive Conveyor system is driven by two heavy-duty hydraulic hybrid motors, coupled to the left and right side of a conveyor drive shaft. It provides a balanced force distribution at each side of the conveyor chain, thus effectively prolonging its life span. Incorporating Dolphin’s Twin Drive System ensures:

  • Reduced weight on the boom;
  • Reduction in shock loading;
  • Trouble-free stalling and overload protection.

All the above significantly increases conveyor up time and reduces the need for unscheduled maintenance.  



  • Longer conveyor chain life span.
  • Smooth and steady conveyor start-up with linear speed increments.
  • Balanced conveyor chain elongation thereby prolonging the life span of the chain.
  • Reduced torque surge when starting minimises wear and tear on couplings and drive chains.
  • Smooth operation from reduced imbalance elongation of both sides of the drive chains, balanced torque distribution is provided by the system.



Twin Heavy Duty Hybrid Hydraulic Motor

Two hybrid hydraulic motor and gearbox units are used to drive the conveyor and to provide balanced dispersion of torque loads at both sides of the conveyor chain and drive shaft.


Variable Conveyor Speed Control

The speed of the conveyor is regulated according to the desired production rate further downstream using an AC inverter drive system as a speed regulator. Interconnectivity capability between upstream and downstream systems regulates the conveyor speed automatically.


Interactive Human Machine Interface (HMI) Device

The system incorporates an interactive touch screen HMI for easy parameter settings, configuration, graphical system monitoring, viewing and reporting requirements.


Hydraulic Leakage Detector

The hydraulic power pack is equipped with a leakage detector for hydraulic fluid in the power pack and to monitor for leakages and overflows. Alarms will trigger in the event of sudden leakage or overflow of hydraulic fluid.