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Steriliser Process Automation System (STERPAS)


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Product Description:
Steriliser Process Automation System (STERPAS) sets a new standard in palm oil mill sterilisation operations with ease of operation, simple configuration, accurate data acquisition and display, alert monitoring and end of cycle reporting. It supports a host of features that significantly simplifies the control and monitoring of the sterilisation process to ensure optimum sterilisation of various FFB grades.



  • Consistent sterilisation method allows for highly controllable operation.
  • Minimises operator intervention with highly adaptive sterilisation based on steam condition.
  • Safe operation with integrated safety interlocking system that triggers an alert for system recovery.
  • Increase steam usage efficiency.

Pressure and Time Base Steriliser Method
STERPAS offers two sterilisation methods, i.e. pressure and time base.


STERPAS takes advantage of the Supervisor Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) technology that incorporates easy-to-use operation, graphical interface, informatics reporting system, real-time process and alert monitoring.


Safety Interlocking System
STERPAS is integrated with an interlocking system to detect potential operational dangers. If an accident or potential danger is detected, an alert will be triggered. The relevant system recovery and fail-safe system will initiate immediately.


Industrial PC (IPC) with Touch Screen Technology
Industrial grade panel computer, IPC, is used to meet the demands of the mill’s robust environment and provide a high level of flexibility via its process control capability. The IPC is preinstalled with Windows XP operating system and touch screen technology.


Built-in USB Port for Data Retrieving
Steriliser activity data can be easily downloaded and retrieved from the IPC via the built-in USB port for data analysis.


Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)
STERPAS is equipped with a UPS to ensure uninterrupted operations and also features voltage regulation and surge protection capabilities.


Steam Management System
STERPAS is linked to our Back Pressure Receiver Stabiliser System to reduce steam wastage and allow efficient redirection of excess steam.


Preliminary Heating System
The Preliminary Heating System facilitates automatic sterilizer pre-heating with excess steam prior to sterilization. Inbuilt dynamic steam intake monitoring eliminates the need to disturb on-going sterilisation cycles in adjacent sterilisation chambers.


Flexibility of Sterilization Sequence Control
STERPAS offers a high degree of flexibility in sterilisation sequence control with up to 20 programmable steps for valve operation. As a result, STERPAS is able to support any type of sterilisation method, from single peak, triple peak to multiple peak requirements.


Redundancy system
STERPAS is integrated with a redundancy system override to enable manual operations in the event of an electronic malfunction.