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Digester Level Control System


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Product Description:
Fruitlet digestion plays an important role in increasing the Oil Extraction Rate (OER). Dolphin’s Digester Level Control System controls the feed rate of fruitlets into the digester chamber by precisely weighing the digestion mass using load cells. When the digestion mass weight reaches the preset level, the hydraulically operated feed door is automatically closed and the chute to the press is opened to allow the discharge of the digested mass to the press.


The primary purpose of this system is to ensure proper fruit digestion and constant fruit feeding to the screw press station.



  • Maximises oil recovery.
  • Reduces labour dependency to monitor and maintain optimum digester operation parameters.
  • Ensures optimum throughput and synchronised passage of material from the tipper, to the SFB conveyor, water dilution and depericarper processes.



Digester Level Control
Fruit capacity in the digester is controlled and maintained at a preset value to ensure sufficient digestion time.


Centralised Control of Fruit Distribution

The system monitors and controls fruit capacity in all digesters. Distribution of loose fruit into digesters is automatically controlled to ensure even fruit capacity in all digesters and to maximise fruit digestion within the allocated time.


Interactive Human Machine Interface (HMI) Device

It is equipped with an interactive touch screen HMI for configuring and setting operational and reporting parameters.


Historical Reporting System
The system includes a historical reporting function for production monitoring. The historical report provides details on operation settings, user login records, operating ampere histogram, and motor tripping recording.


Multi Level User Access
The system is designed for multi-level user access and incorporates password protection to prevent unauthorised system access. It provides for two (2) levels of user access, namely; Administrator/Engineer, and authorised operations personnel.


Redundancy system
The Digester Level Control System is integrated with a redundancy system override for switching to manual operations as a backup in the event of an electronic malfunction. This further ensures the reliability and up-time of the system.