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Cage Indexer System

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Product Description:

The Cage Indexer System signifies another technology breakthrough in palm oil mill material handling. The system provides total factory automation control with a reliable and high-efficiency electro-hydraulic system.


New and improved solutions such as cage indexers, transfer carriages, tippers and cantilever bridge with articulated indexers are incorporated to replace winch, bollard and overhead hoist found in the marshalling yards of conventional mills. The system’s superior performance is also supported by state-of-the-art technology and industrial standard components found in our Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Industrial Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) and our wide range of sensors and instrumentation.



The system is designed to replace an operator dependent process environment with a more reliable, consistent and controllable system dependent operation, freeing up operators for higher value work. The automated process is simple and guided. Operation safety is enhanced with remote operation. Mobilisation of larger capacity cages is also possible with hydraulic powered machineries. This highly flexible and scalable system allows a range of design capacities.



  • Lower investment cost and faster initial start-up compared with conventional systems.
  • Consistent, user-friendly and seamless operation.
  • Lower maintenance requirements due to slower linear movement of cages, no derailing, and no forced bumping of cages.
  • Fewer operators (a 60 TPH mill sterilisation station needs not more than four operator to operate the system including the Loading Ramp Station).
  • Minimal down time due to automated marshalling using sturdy electro-hydraulic actuators and control electronics.
  • Increased safety of operational environment.
  • Easy maintenance (cleaning of station).