Dolphin International Berhad | Back Pressure Receiver Stabilizer System

Back Pressure Receiver Stabilizer System

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Product Description:

Dolphin’s Back Pressure Receiver Stabiliser System is designed to ensure consistent and sufficient steam supply for the milling process, especially the steriliser process. This system ensures highly efficient steam usage thereby reducing steam loss. Since the system is fully automated, operator workload and dependency is significantly reduced.


The system incorporates Dolphin’s Steam Management System (DSMS) and can be readily linked to Dolphin’s STERPAS (Steriliser Process Automation System).


The fully automated system monitors steam pressure direct from the boiler and the Back Pressure Receiver and automatically regulates the pressure to maintain it at a desired set point. This is achieved by a modulating make-up valve and steam exhaust valve.


  • Stabilises pressure in the Back Pressure Receiver.
  • Increase steam usage efficiency.
  • Reduce operator dependency.
  • Prevents surges in turbine load.




Automated Make-up Control
Pressure in the Back Pressure Receiver and the boiler is detected as a control variable. The make-up valve is controlled automatically to make up for the lost pressure in the Back Pressure Receiver.


Valve Modulating Control
To increase the pressure stability and to avoid extreme fluctuations of pressure due to high-pressure supply from the boiler, a valve modulating control method is used to control the make-up valve. The make-up valve opening control proportionately controls the pressure in Back Pressure Receiver and boiler.


Dolphin Steam Management System (DSMS)

Since regulation of steam is linked to the STERPAS, the consumption of steam is highly efficient thereby reducing steam wastage and under utilisation of excess steam.


Interactive Human Machine Interface (HMI) Device

The system incorporates an interactive touch screen HMI for easy parameter settings and reporting requirements.


Redundancy System
The Back Pressure Receiver Stabiliser System is integrated with a redundancy system override for switching to manual operations as a backup in the event of an electronic malfunction. This further ensures the reliability and up-time of the system.