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Our complete suite of integrated solutions includes an extensive range of services. This comprises Mechanical and Engineering solutions for automation and Turnkey solutions from the design to the commissioning of an entire palm oil mill. Our services revolve around the following solutions:


Mechanical and Engineering Solutions

We provide Mechanical and Engineering solutions for clients who are interested in automating their palm oil mill processes. Services offered under this category involves the provision of our proprietary palm oil milling systems and associated software, along with other equipment, components and/or parts.
We work closely with our customers on Mechanical and Engineering projects, customised to their needs. Our customers have the option of specifying the equipment, components and/or parts of their choice. Dolphin engineers partner with customer-specified suppliers in order to ensure the seamless integration of equipment, components and/or parts with our proprietary milling systems and software application solutions.


Turnkey Solutions

Dolphin also provides turnkey solutions. These range from palm oil mill design and engineering, civil construction, procurement and supply of machineries and equipment through to the installation, testing and commissioning of palm oil mills. Services offered include the management and oversight of other professionals hired by our customers, e.g. in obtaining the necessary building plan approvals from the local authorities, land clearing, civil engineering works and the construction of the actual palm oil mill or any extension thereof.


Mill Diagnostics, Maintenance and Repair Services 

As part of our after sales service offerings, we provide customers the option of periodic mill diagnostics to determine that the equipment and systems installed in palm oil mills are running at satisfactory levels. In addition, we also provide maintenance and repair services on an ad-hoc or contractual basis.