Dolphin International Berhad | Intelligent Process Automation & Data Acquisition System (iPADAS)

Intelligent Process Automation & Data Acquisition System (iPADAS)


iWEIGH is an automated truck scale weighing application for palm oil mills that integrates multiple truck scales with a single workstation. iWEIGH’s automated interface with a broad range of weighing indicator models provides simple and easy weight acquisition while its access control feature with data validation provides high accuracy.


iGRADE is a mobile FFB grading application (essentially a portable wireless thin client application). Its user-friendly interface allows for easy entry of direct sampling data and is capable of generating detailed reports on FFB quality classification that is fully compliant with MPOB’s quality control standard for FFB grading procedures.


iLAB is a software application for comprehensive recording and reporting of test procedures used in every level of production quality control. It automatically performs arithmetic calculations based on direct test data entry to produce test result reports that are fully compliant with MPOB quality control standards.


iSMS is a client-server application which harnesses the short message service (SMS) to disseminate critical business information such as stock level, production throughput, extraction rate and daily sales figures. The application supports all industrial leading databases at the backend in a single package. It also supports Global System for Mobile communications (GSM) modem for sending and receiving messages.


CEMS refers to a packaged system of gas analysers, gas sampling system, temperature, flow and opacity monitors that are integrated with a data acquisition system, involved in the measurement of gases, particulates and smoke (opacity) emitted from stationery source of air pollutants. It provides a continuous record of air pollution control equipment performance and determines compliance with emission limits.


iPRODUCTION integrates data from all input devices to provide details for monitoring mass balance and production control. It provides a wide range of processing data and historical trend analysis that are necessary for critical decision-making.